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The almost daily creative 'fishy' practice

Rachel MoodieComment

There is much to be said about a daily creative practice. With a kid in tow, endless washing and chores and paid work to be done it seems to be the HARDEST thing to manage. 

My daughter is teaching me a lot with her daily creative practice. 

It involves tipping out a box of textas, drawing all over her body, paper and the floor while I attempt to prevent her from drawing on the furniture and  oblige her when she asks me to draw 'fish-ys' 

This happens day after day after... 




after day,


after day.


This kid loves fish.  

I find myself watching and learning from her creative exploration and enjoying our collaboration.

Her freedom and lack of inhibitions shows in the spontaneity of her mark making and the colours she selects. She doesn't worry about if a piece is finished or the overall composition yet the randomness just 'works'. She is simply creating for the sake of self expression and this is conveyed in the many scrapbooks she has already filled with colour and fish and bees and so on. 

So now the challenge for me is to take what I am learning from her and develop my own daily (or perhaps more accurately an 'almost daily') creative and joyful practice. 

What I keep coming back to as my 'almost daily' creative practice are the 'morning pages' described by Julia Cameron in her book the 'The Artist's Way'. These morning pages are three A4 pages of stream of consiousness writing every morning. They are a written meditation meant to clear the mind and free up creativity. And they work. 

Right now I have so many ideas for projects I almost don't know where to start. Weavings, paintings, montages, homewares, a wedding invite and more. It is these creative pursuits I would somehow like to work into my 'almost daily' creative practice.

I will let you know how I go! x