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Rachel MoodieComment

Today is one of my blessed and beautiful kid free days. I am meant to be 'working'.

So what did I do first thing?

I watched a meditation dvd starring Deepak Chopra and Olivia Newton-John on the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success. It was cheesy greatness. Kinda like Xanadu meets Oprah. Awesome. 

What I took from it was that art making and creation should come in an effortless flow.

Obviously a certain type of effort is required in order to produce something beautiful. However creativity should be unattached to ego and fear and be produced with a child like freedom. 

Nature is the example. It intrinsically creates in this effortless way.

The paths of least resistance, where the heart is content, peaceful and unattached to ego is where true creative inspiration and direction lies. 

It is easy to over complicate things. At least for me it is, both in life and in my creative practice. 

So today I am approaching my work with this in mind and, as my Mum always said when I had elaborate making plans, remember the kiss principle ~ keep it simple sweety.  

And now, open your eyes and see / what we have made is real / We are in Xanadu /