Darling Mills Studio

The Other Art Fair

Rachel Moodie2 Comments

It has been 5 long years since my last exhibition and today I am going in to hang my stand at The Other Art Fair! 

There have been a few reasons for the hiatus. The main one is - I simply stopped creating. I lost my flow by 'stopping' and I channelled my energies into work and a family of three (Me, Clint and Elva!) instead. 

I was commiserating with a friend about how I wasn't creating anything anymore and she said, 'you are creating a nice human'.... A humbling thought.

Now that my daughter is older and more independent I am able to make again. The process is very different. It's a juggle and it all happens much slower than before but, it is happening.

So wish me luck and I hope to see you at the fair!