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The Artful Mum

Rachel MoodieComment

I’ve recently self published a book called ‘The Artful Mum’. It is a book about creativity and parenthood designed, curated and compiled by yours truly.

It shares the indelible wisdom of six Australian artists who also happen to be mums and delves into how they juggle motherhood with their varying creative vocations.

Featuring the work of Fiona Barrett-Clark, Ellie Beck, Emily Besser, Kirsten Duncombe, Bianca Harrington and Emma Simmons, ‘The Artful Mum’ is a Q&A style creative memoir with 54 pages of inspirational words and images.

The book launch will coincide with a group exhibition of the featured artists to be held at Penny Farthing Design House, 51 Darling St, East Balmain, Sydney on May 5th 2018 from 4pm.

The exhibition and book launch will be opened by artist and author of ‘There is a Paintbrush in my Coffee’ ~ Jasmine Mansbridge.

If you'd like a copy follow this link.


If you want to dig a little deeper, part of why this book exists is due to my own experience of perinatal depression and anxiety. My daughter was born in 2014 after a very traumatic delivery, I lost 3/4 of the blood in my body, broke my coccyx and had surgery to stop the bleeding. My parents met my daughter while I was in a coma on life support. ICU nurses overdosed me on pain medicines and I had the worst hallucinations and drug induced psychosis afterwards. To make a long story short, depression and anxiety followed all this alongside a loss of self and creativity. 

So when I fell pregnant again 3ish years later (crazy yes, and never again) I wanted to do things differently. Besides the whole birth thing (my son was a c-section) I wanted to understand how I could keep a creative practise and be a mum as I felt my creativity was very entwined with my mental health. And that’s when I had the idea for the book and reached out to the 6 artists who are featured!

9ish months ago, (it's another creative baby), I began creating, compiling, designing and editing 'The Artful Mum'. It has been such a healing and sustaining project to work on as I became a mum for the second time. The process of asking other mother artists, whose work I admire so much, how they juggle motherhood and their creativity has been so fulfilling and I am so pleased/relieved to say I am one very content and happy (and sometimes creative) mum. :)