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Creating in Small Moments

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My studio is a constant work in progress ~ Here it is with my latest mood wall.

I am pondering where I will be in 10 years if I create in the small moments and let go of hesitation.

A little creativity every day, (or even every other day) will add up to a lot down the track. First start small and see what comes. See what the small triggers.

Watching my daughter create, without hesitation, in small moments is quite inspiring. A 20 second scribble with a biro or texta, a 2 minute page assault with crayon or pencil, 10 minutes at a whiteboard with coloured pens are the small moments she grabs as tightly as she clings to me when I drop her at daycare. In one year (she started drawing at 1 year old) she has books and books of scribbles and my phone is full of photos of her work and they are so, so beautiful. 

I read somewhere recently that you don't learn creativity you are born with it and the majority of people unlearn it as they get older. I feel this to be true and I can see that it takes considerable effort to get that child like spontaneity back, especially after a period of creative block. 

So I am currently practicing these things to crack my right brain wide open and back into a flow:

  • Scribbling on paper like a two year old after drinking coffee and or wine.
  • Drawing one thing every day even if it's shit.
  • Writing as often as possible; stream of conscious writing, lists, memos, insta notes, blog posts.
  • Throwing things out of my creative space to make room for the new.
  • Setting up a new mood wall with lots of awesome inspiring things as creativity prompts.
  • Making use of small moments to make small progress on my bigger ideas.


  • When all else fails having a 'tanty'. From the ground there is a different perspective on things. x