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The Other Art Fair Debrief

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A week or so on from my first foray back into the rosy land of art exhibitions and I am still buzzing from my experience at The Other Art Fair. 

80 Artists were selected from over 300 applicants to exhibit at Central Park in Chippendale and I felt so privileged to be involved. The opening night was packed and people were lined up (in very long lines) to get in!

The conversations I had with art appreciators, artists and gallerists and the feedback I received has been overwhelmingly positive. I now have a clear direction for future work and an abundance of ideas.

Kirsten Duncombe, Tanya Stubbles, Taylor Conacher, Peter Thorn, Kym Leutwyler and Yosi Messiah were my companions for the weekend in the stands next to and opposite me. There was a wonderful sense of camaraderie between all the artists and organisers and the positive vibe has left me inspired with a renewed vigour for creating.

I was heartened by how many Mums I met at the fair, following their passions and making time for art 'making'. I was also beyond impressed with the organisers. One of the two gorgeous fair directors has two young children and her involvement was massive. No easy feat with two young kids.

Last week I turned my renewed energy to planting a garden at home with Elva and the neighbours kids and hopefully in weeks to come I will draw upon this inspired feeling and make the time for 'making' some new work. x


Images from above ~

Top left to right: Kirsten Duncombe's ephemeral paintings, Archibald finalist Kim Leutwyler, Me in my stand on opening night.

Bottom left to right: Le stand, Taylor Conacher drawing studiously while mini me takes a nap on the cool concrete, The colourful work of Yosi Messiah.