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Emptiness & Evolution

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An empty sea... circa 1930

An empty sea... circa 1930

I sent a few pictures of works in progress to a great friend and mentor recently and she aptly summed up what I hadn't realised I was meticulously and repeatedly working through in my pieces.

Her: 'Are you exploring emptiness Rach?' 

Me: '....Umm I suppose I am?'

My latest body of work investigates memory; mine and my relatives but not only that it is a rumination on empty space... empty of clutter, empty of noise, the built environment, the city, the routine, the fast paced... It is a meditation on 'calm' and on something beyond this existence.

This photo above was taken by my Great, Great Aunt as she travelled around the world between the 1st and 2nd World Wars. It is a scene I find utterly captivating and it appears in almost all the Reverie works.

Unlike the busy cityscape paintings I created years ago, these works are quieter, have more personal meaning and the simple fact that they are an exploration of a concept makes them richer and more evolved than previous work. 

I am striving to create work that is meaningful to me and that evokes something for (some) viewers. I believe a narrative is important and art for arts sake is a bit empty.

So yes, I am contemplating emptiness and my own evolution as a creator.