Art & Design by Rachel Moodie


The Artful Mum ~ soft cover book

A book that shares the indelible wisdom of six artists who are also mothers. Including Fiona Barrett-Clark, Ellie Beck, Emily Besser, Kirsten Duncombe, Bianca Harrington and Emma Simmons. 54 pages of interviews and creative wisdom. Available to purchase here.

The Reverie collection ~ digital collage, giclee prints

A collection of limited edition digital photographic collages using photos and postcards from the 1930's as well as scans from 1970's gardening books. 

Original artworks


The Shadow ~ digital collage

Reverie collection ~ limited edition tiles


Penny Farthing Design House

Take a look at my exclusive range of prints for Penny Farthing Design House in Balmain, Sydney.



The Australiana series ~ digital collages