Digital & mixed media art by Rachel Moodie 

The Darling Ladies ~ giclee prints and tiles

These darling lady are part bird and part woman. They are digital collages, created in Photoshop, combining early 20th century nudie postcards from a French flea market with images of birds and layered paint textures.

She is available as both a limited edition print and an open edition matt ceramic tile with hook.

Reverie ~ giclee prints and tiles

A series of digital artworks using photoshop to collage old sepia and black and white photographs, new photos and images from old gardening books. They explore concepts of memory and dreams. These works are available as limited edition giclee prints as well as matt ceramic tiles.

Australiana Series ~ giclee prints

Other digital collages ~ giclee prints

Original mixed media artworks and collages


Small copper edge collages

Most are sold more coming soon!

Small framed collages

Penny Farthing Design House

Take a look at my exclusive range of prints for Penny Farthing Design House in Balmain, Sydney.