Darling Mills Studio

Art & Design by Rachel Moodie


Darling Mills Studio is the multi-disciplinary creative studio of Rachel Moodie, named for Darling Mills Creek that runs alongside her Sydney home.

With a background in graphic design and fine art and a passion for textiles and unique homewares, Rachel combines her many creative abilities to produce unique art and products for an eclectic home.

Digital Prints

Her limited edition giclee prints are collages created in Photoshop from old sepia photos, modern day digital photography and 1970's gardening books.

There are three different collections available:

They are dreamlike, hyperreal landscapes that explore the passage of time and memory.

Original Artwork

Rachel's original artworks are abstractions of these same concepts. Elements of her digital prints are painted with unbleached beeswax, cold wax and oil paints and re-collaged with old watch parts, textiles and various other mixed media.

Cushions & Ceramic Tiles

Small runs of silk or linen cushions are available online and at Penny Farthing Design House in Balmain, Sydney.

Limited edition 20x20 cm matt ceramic tiles are available here.




PENNY FARTHING DESIGN HOUSE ~ For cushions and an exclusive range of prints 

SWEETS WORKSHOP ~ For originals, tiles and prints


PRINTMAKER GALLERY ~ For limited edition prints