Darling Mills Studio is the creative atelier of Rachel Moodie founded when she lived in the outskirts of Sydney, above Darling Mills Creek.

With a background in fine art, arts marketing, graphic design and textiles Rachel’s multifaceted creative practise includes computer generated collages as well as analogue collages and mixed media artworks.

Her digital works are hyper-real photographic montages piecing together many and varied photographs, old and new. The landscapes created exist nowhere tangible yet retain a sense of the original location.

Rachel’s original works are collage and mixed media ensembles using beeswax glazes, cold wax, oil paints, textiles and found objects. These works are explorations of memory, texture and composition.

Having had multiple group and solo exhibitions across the country her work is hung in private collections in Australia and abroad.

She is the creator of The Artful Mum, a book about creativity and motherhood and has collaborated with Ellie Beck to create a series of Mindful Creativity Cards.

She now lives in the Southern Highlands of NSW with her husband, Clint and two children, Elva and Rex.

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